My Sensible Heart

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." -- Henry David Thoreau

The name's Chey.
23 years young and from the midwest.
Cat mama of two, in love with the moon, fat babe, silly, queer, and modified.

If you want to know anything else, feel free to drop a line in my ask box. I'm super friendly and I love chatting and meeting new people. I'm more likely to embarrass myself then anything else. c:

As soon as I saw her. (via incednia)

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Fuck. I want her.
Anonymous asked: For a rainy day... You my dear are beautiful, and exquisite. Your face tells the most beautiful story, and I can see galaxies through your soul, and nebulas in your eyes... It's hard to care for someone so deeply, and see them upset, or saddened at all. I would take away all the sadness in your world, if I could. You have opened my eyes to such, new amazing, and beautiful things. I hope you know how truly special you are, and how grateful I am to you... For just being you. Sincerely- ➳❥


  Oh you are the sweetest anon. It means a lot to get messages like this, anonymous or not, they make me smile, and really brighten my day. I’m baffled that somebody could think that I could make such a difference in their world, but I’m glad that I do. Thank you love. 

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I want all my secrets back

Rough nights.

They’ve been happening a lot lately. I climb into bed and the silence and emptiness is painfully deafening. I thought for awhile I had gotten used to sleeping alone, but now I’m starting to think I never will. I hate this bed. I always preferred small beds because it’s easy to fill the empty spaces. My ex fiancé insisted we buy this huge bed, and now look, I have to try to fill it on my own, and I can’t. It hurts.

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