My Sensible Heart

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." -- Henry David Thoreau

The name's Chey.
23 years young and from the midwest.
Cat mama of two, in love with the moon, fat babe, silly, queer, and modified.

If you want to know anything else, feel free to drop a line in my ask box. I'm super friendly and I love chatting and meeting new people. I'm more likely to embarrass myself then anything else. c:

I love storms ⚡️
#iowa #weather #storms


I’m very very disgruntled that I’ve gone grocery shopping, filled all the cupboards, and fridge, fed, watered, and cleaned the kitties, and now I’m relaxing and watching movies with some lovely fall candles lit, the house smells amazing and there is nobody to come cuddle and enjoy it with me :c

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How can emptiness be so heavy?

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I love her and that’s the beginning and ending of everything
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